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Helping Long Island one house at a time!

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In your home, plumbing is one of the most important systems there is to ensure your family is safe and comfortable. When this vital system breaks down, you want to be sure you are hiring the best people to come into your home to confidently resolve all of your plumbing issues in a timely and professional manner.


When the temperature drops you want to make sure your family stays warm. You also want to make sure you can heat your house efficiently. Water heaters, boilers, radiators, and even radiant floor heating. BBC Mechanical can keep your house warm and your water hot. We will go over all of your options such as Tankless Water Heaters and High Efficiency Boilers.


BBC Mechanical will rebuild, repair or design and install any type of plumbing or heating system required in your residential, industrial, institutional and commercial building. We install high-efficiency systems designed specifically for your property.


BBC Mechanical is a Full Service Plumbing, Heating and Mechanical Contractor based in Seaford, New York servicing all of Nassau and Suffolk counties as well as Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. Our top priority is the comfort and safety of your family, customers, residents, and employees.

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  • The Right Person to do the Job Right

    You Need the Right Person to do the Job Right
    One of biggest decisions for a homeowner to make is to redo their kitchen or bathroom.  The toughest part of the decision is to find the right person to do the […]

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  • Fats, Oils and Grease – Keep them out of the Drain

    Keep the Grease out of the drain.
    When you cook, you have all sorts of fats, oils, and grease from even the simplest of meals.  When you are done, you probably do what most people do, which is rinse everything in […]

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  • Banging Pipes? What is your House trying to Say?

    If you are hearing banging pipes or water dripping, don’t ignore it.  Your house is trying to tell you something.
    “Do you listen when I’m talking to you?” We’ve all heard it before and sometime the truth is, no we really […]

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  • Benefits of a Digital Thermostat

    A Digital Thermostat will save you money and make your house more comfortable
    A digital thermostat is a great tool in order to keep your house comfortable and efficient. Many home still have the same old analog thermostat that came with […]

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  • Main Sewer Line Issues

    How can you tell if your Main Sewer Line is clogged?
    The main sewer line takes the waste water from your home to the underground sewer mains in the street. It is one of the things in the house we do […]

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  • Avoid Corrosive Drain Cleaners

    Corrosive Drain Cleaners are Never the Solution
    If you have a slow or clogged drain, you may be considering one of those store-bought drain cleaners. We cannot emphasis this enough: do not do this! These drain cleaners may resolve the short […]

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  • Tankless Water Heater

    Pros and Cons of a Tankless Water Heater
    On a recent job we installed a Tankless Water Heater and we have to admit that the technology is pretty cool.  Would we want replace every water heater with a Tankless Water Heater, […]

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  • Fix That Leaky Faucet

    A leaky faucet is nothing but money down the drain.
    Nothing is worse than throwing money down the drain.  If you have a leaky faucet, then you are doing just that.  Every house has a list of things that needs to […]

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  • The Importance of a Backflow Valve

    A backflow valve protects you and your family.
    Having an in-ground sprinkler system is really handy in the spring and summer to keep the lawn green, help the flowers bloom and help with your vegetable garden.  Sprinkler systems let you set […]

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  • Are Flushable Wipe Actually Flushable?

    Flushable?  Not really.
    There is a growing menace lurking in the pipes and sewer systems of our houses and your communities.  No, it isn’t alligators.  It is the danger of the so-called flushable wipes.
    Originally sold as a product for cleaning up […]

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